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Keep Your Cool: 4 Wedding Week Stress Hacks

Picture this: Wedding Week dawns. Everything's in place, you're sleeping like a baby and bursting with energy and excitement. This is exactly what's in store for the organised bride and groom. The alternative? A whole lot of hassle and an inescapable cloud of nerves and panic.

Make sure you're firmly in column 'A' by following these three pieces of advice:

1. Give Yourself Time

If you can swing it, try to finish work at least three days before your wedding day. This will give you time to flit between final fittings and facials with plenty of room for coffee breaks in between.

2. Delegate

Even if you're the ultimate control freak, delegating small jobs to members of your wedding party can take some of the heat off in the final planning stages. Ask your bridesmaids to fill the confetti cups and bring them to the church, or ask the best man to confirm the cars or collect the suits.

3. Hydrate

Wedding planning is a tiring business; make sure both bride and groom are up to the task by drinking three litres of water a day. Not only will it make it easier to concentrate, it'll also make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle!

4. Create a schedule

When I handed everyone in our wedding party a wedding schedule the night before the big day, they all thought I was crazy. Fast forward a few hours and everything's running like clockwork because everyone knew exactly what was happening and when! Set out a time for everything, from each person's shower, make-up and hair to when the flowers will be arriving and what time the dress is going on. Then add some important phone numbers (the wedding car company, the florist, the best man and chief bridesmaid) so any glitches can be ironed out while you're blissfully unaware.

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