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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Invites Meaningful

Most Irish people attend at least two weddings a year, so if you want to make your day stand out from the get-go, you'll need to kick off proceedings with a little visual treat in the postbox.

Wedding fever can make you lose sight of what's important however, so here are six lovely ways to keep it real:

Take Us Back to the Start

Whether it was a New York sidewalk or an Electric Picnic field, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the spot where you first laid eyes on each other. You could go bold (a Big Apple skyline, a sketch of the Brooklyn bridge) or subtle (a circus font, a sunlit meadow...)

Make a Floral Statement

Basing your suite around your favourite bloom guarantees romance, but many flowers have secret meanings, so you could pick some options with a hidden message. For instance, Gardenias symbolise secret love and joy, Hydrangeas symbolise 'gratitude for being understood' and sweet peas indicate 'perfect bliss'.

Say it in Verse

A line from a favourite poem or a quote from a movie can inspire your entire design. Speak to your stationer about working up a theme based around those special words.

Take a Selfie

A cute snap can be a lovely laid-back feel to a Save the Date. Pick some colourful outfits (or keep it chic in black or white) and shoot some Polaroids or selfies near an interesting background (the beach, a textured wall, a circus tent). Make sure the images are high resolution so your stationery will be as clear as possible - enlist a friend to help if you're not a confident snapper.

Make Your Mark

A cute monogram using your initials can be used throughout your wedding stationery suite, from your invitation to your place settings.

A Family Affair

If your children will be among the wedding party, let them do the inviting on behalf of mum and dad. For instance: 'Eva and Jack Woods request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their parents, Dave and Marie'. Adorable!

Location, Location, Location...

Featuring a photograph or sketch of your wedding venue gives your guests a little taste of what's to come. We can work with your venue to find the perfect shot, then work it into your invitation in a creative way.

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