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5 Pre-Wedding Jobs to do Right Now

The thing about wedding planning is that, until Wedding Week, there's precious little that can be done apart from the booking and organising.

Once the dress is bought and the invites are sent, you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs for a few weeks (or months) before the big day.

If you're smart however, you can use this quiet 'calm before the storm' time to knock some important jobs out of the park, freeing you up to enjoy the flowing prosecco and pampering closer to the day.

1. Scrub Up

One of the best beauty treatments you can do in the run-up to your wedding is a thorough exfoliation. Commit to scrubbing yourself from head to toe once a day, EVERY day, then slather yourself in moisturiser afterwards. Your skin will glow right through your honeymoon and beyond. What's more, exfoliation and body-brushing ease stress, boost your circulation and help you detoxify - triple whammy!

2. Work on Your Ceremony

Whether you're tying the knot in a church or not, there's always room for a personal touch when it comes to the ceremony. Leave it too late and you'll risk these very important words becoming an afterthought. Our advice is to open a bottle of wine, make a Spotify list of songs that are important to you as a couple, and spend an evening taking note of verses and poems, readings, extracts and prayers that you would like included. Once you're happy with your plan, have your Ceremony Booklets printed, ready to hand out to your guests.

3. Sleep

Nothing restores and revives like a good kip. Bring your bedtime forward by an hour every night and you'll add a whole extra night's sleep to your week while blitzing stress and eradicating those eye-bags!

4. Write a Speech

Even if you don't plan to say a few words at your own wedding, take some time now, while you're chill, to note a few of the things you adore about your other half and a few things you are grateful for. Pop the note inside your wedding purse so that, should you change your mind, you won't be overcome by the moment.

5. Think Finishing Touches

Does your dream table setting include personalised guest place names and custom menus? Would you like your table plan to hang from rustic twine, or be edged in burlap? These little jobs are easy to tick off your list when you have time. With four weeks to go however, they can quickly become a source of stress. Order any extra event stationery and seek out the perfect twine and accessories early so you never have to compromise on a piece that's not perfect.

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